On April 23, 2022  The Hermit’s Peak Fire tore through Northern New Mexico, causing severe damage to The Sacred Ceremonial Lands and Buildings of the Genízaro Apache. This damage has had a detrimental impact on the members of this community, many of whom are Colorado residents. We are seeking support to rebuild and repair the destruction of this disaster. Your support is crucial in restoring this site, so that our community can resume gathering to practice our ceremonies and heal together.



The ceremonial grounds represent the sweat, blood, tears and love of our Genízaro Apache Community. This ground that we call Tlaltepec (Tierra y Monte) has always been Apache land. Ownership of the land began with the Las Vegas Land Grant, the Mora Land Grant and the Manuelitas Land Grant following colonization of the area. The land has passed through Apache family ownership for over 200 years. In 2000, eight acres were formally set aside for ceremonial purposes. This area has been used for sweat lodge ceremonies, naming ceremonies, adoption ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, fasting ceremonies (vision quests), sacred dances, velaciones (vigils), and funeral services for over 20 years. Our children have grown up attending ceremonies and learning traditional customs on this land. Up to this day, spirit camps and retreats have been held regularly on the property. Hundreds of our community members from across Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California have traveled every year to participate in our annual Spirit Camps, to reconnect with other members of the community and to spiritually regenerate from living in the contemporary competitive culture.


The Hermit’s Peak fire caused extensive damage to our grounds. We look to rebuild the areas incinerated by the blaze. This will require reconstructing our community center with bathrooms, showers, and kitchens, a large indoor ceremonial space, and bedrooms to house the elders. The outdoor ceremonial site will require a rebuilding of the kiva, temazcalli, firekeepers’ shelter, tool and storage sheds, and replacing the fencing, gates and driveway.

As Genízaro Apache people, we are inextricably connected to the land. This sacred site represents the continued existence and triumph of the Genízaro Apache people in the face of historical and ongoing colonization. We seek to pass this legacy on to our children through the healing and renewal of our land, language, and culture. We implore you to show support for our Indigenous communities and act with us in rebuilding our sacred space for future generations.

The following is an itemized budget for the restoration of the site:

Clean-up and debris removal:


Well and water restoration:


Rebuilding Temazcalli (sweat lodge):


Rebuilding Teocalli and Kiva (community prayer space):


Rebuilding shelters for eating and ceremonial areas:


Re-fencing the property:


Repaving the driveway:


Rebuilding community center and lodging:





Building, labor and materials:


Total Estimated Cost:





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